What is ThetaHealing® ?

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What is ThetaHealing® and what can it do for you?

Through classes developed by Vianna Stibal, practitioners are taught how to go into the deep meditative state of Theta and connect with Creator to assist in helping others resolve emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that may manifest as physical illness, emotional discord or even not being able to move forward in certain areas of one’s life, etc.

As practitioners, we are taught to gently find the core limiting beliefs of our clients (while being guided by Creator). With their permission, we change the limiting beliefs and genetic programs. This then helps the client to have new life experiences and release many of the dis-eases in their lives and many times, in their bodies.

ThetaHealing┬« was founded by Vianna Stibal after she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Already a holistic practitioner, she went into daily meditations to heal her self and was taught by Creator of All That Is’ how to heal herself. She was then guided and taught how to present what she was being shown to others. One of the most significant differences between ThetaHealing┬« and other modalities is that clients are given the knowing of what specific feelings actually “feel” like in the body as opposed to our usual “intellectual knowing.”
In ThetaHealing, Creator or God is the one giving the clients the knowing. Learning to live without/free from depression, misery etc can make significant changes in one’s life.

This modality can be used by anyone! You can use it strictly to empower yourself
and your life, or should you find you are inspired, use this method on others that you feel it would benefit.

Phone readings and animal communication are easily done using this powerful technique.

Clients are completely responsible for their decisions and actions.

Theta is not a substitute for or intended to replace care of a licensed physician.

*Theta services are not intended to diagnose or make any attempt to cure any illness, disease, or condition.

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