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The AromaTouch Technique

Shawna is certified by doTerra to perform the AromaTouch┬« technique to her clients. She has found that by combining her Reiki training with the doTerra AromaTouch┬« technique developed by Dr. Hill, that stresses carried in the body can be gently released and the body’s homeostatic natural balance restored. The AromaTouch┬« technique utilizes the application of specific oils to the back and feet to assist body to release stress, toxic insult through our daily living, inflammation, and restoring the autonomic imbalances that are results of the aforementioned issues. The oils are applied ONLY to the back and feet and enhanced by Reiki energy healing.

Clients generally feel relief from issues of pain and very relaxed. This combination of techniques are a very pleasant alternative for clients who may not want to do a clearing session using the ThetaHealing® protocol.

This is not considered a “massage” but does have many of the same benefits for the clients.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki, (Ray-Key) is a holistic method of balancing the energies of our bodies, to include, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages. It was brought from the orient in the early part of this century. It is a very subtle method of releasing blocks in or bodies caused from stress, illness and challenging life events.  Clients lay on a massage table fully clothed, and practitioners gently place their hands on or above the client at specific areas to release energy and restore balance though out their bodies.

Reiki is being used in hospitals to assist patients in stress reduction and reduce healing time.  Dr. Oz has recently promoted Reiki as a complimentary practice for patients. I have found the use of Reiki to be a very powerful addition to my clients ThetaHealing®.

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