This page is dedicated to the incredible support of many other practitioners, artisans, and multiple healing modalities that I frequently have/do use. Also to assist in linking wonderful local people who’s skills and talents are meant to be shared!

Vianna’s Nature’s

Learn about the history and development of ThetaHealing® by founder Vianna  Stibal.  Also learn about how to earn a Master’s Certification and/or                                      a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing™ at the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.


A wonderful group of people that meet across the United States to support each other in releasing limiting beliefs and everyday perspectives.                                              The books are a breath of fresh air and the daily email reminders are a great way to be inspired to attract the abundance we all can share!

Tranquility Massage, Christina Boggs         (916) 807-5124
Christina is a rare and gifted massage practioner.  I have very rarely encountered someone who naturally possesses                                                                                              the gift of running energy through her hands as she works with the body to release stress and pain.  She has the knowledge of the                                                              human structure imprinted in her hands and gently and effectively uses this gift to put your body back into a relaxed state. Whether you                                                         are needing support for fibromyalgia, pre-natal, body work, or just to relax, I highly recommend calling Christina.


Sharon Lindenfeld,

HYPNOBABIES Child Birth Hypnosis Instructor
Hypno Doula
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Holistic Practitioner
(916) 802-2690

*Sharon is a gifted intuitive and Hypo-Therapist. I’ve had the pleasure of exchanging work and experience with her.  Her work has been so supportive as a fabulous complimentary healing modality with ThetaHealing! Know someone planning on having a child…call Sharon after reading her web site.  It can truly be the most wonderful experience couples can have!

Ionic Balancer Footbaths

After experiencing the Ionic Baths during my Intuitive Anatomy course, I was so impressed with what was coming out of my footbaths, I just couldn’t “not” get one for myself. I found a system that is very effective and very affordable that I use an
average of twice a week. It has definitely done a lot to clear toxins out of my body and I definitely feel and see a difference.

I am a distributor because I believe so much in the product and the results I have obtained. I also offer sessions for my local clients who want them. Check out the site and if you are interested, I can get a unit for you at a very good discount!

Dancing with Water –

Dancing with Water will help you understand the New Science of Water and it will provide you with the tools so  you can create full-spectrum, living water . . . in your own home.

Despite the fact that tap water is still more or less free, people are increasingly willing to pay top dollar to get water that is filtered, purified, structured, ionized, enhanced with minerals, etc.

GB Studios :  Media, Photography & Advertising with Grace Ballesteros

Grace Ballesteros can provide you anything you need when it comes to photography in fashion, commercial, lifestyle & product. Offers services such as web development/graphic design, public relations consulting, marketing & advertising. Grace has a wide variety of resources to personalize your business branding.