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Shawna O’Meara, Minister

(916) 202-3944

– Certified Whole Health Medicine Institute Practitioner              – Advanced Reiki practitioner
– Certified ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science
– Master Teacher & Practitioner

• Basic DNA
• Advanced DNA
• Manifesting and Abundance                                                  •Dig Deeper                                                             
• Rainbow Children
                                                    • Intuitive Anatomy
• World Relations
• Disease and Disorder
                                                    • DNA 3

Greetings and welcome!

Some of you who are visiting, know me and many may not.  I’ll give you a brief introduction into my background and what brought me to this modality of healing work. I come from a line of doctors and nurses and I developed Diabetes at the age of 2. I grew up with great fear from my parents for my well being (as the Western side of medicine in those days foretold of blindness, kidney loss and amputations etc). Through the years I took on my parents beliefs as my own and waited for an unpleasant end for myself.

After being scratched in the eye in my 20’s and spending several years almost blind from re-occurring ulcers in that eye, I received a corneal transplant that almost immediately began to develop ulcers. It was at this point, in panic and desperation that I was introduced to an energy worker in Northern California. She found anger at my former husband was the reason for the ulcers. She was able to help me release the anger and the“source of the ulcers.” in an hour session. I went back to my doctor 10 days later and after examining my eye, he declared (in amazement and disbelief) that it was almost completed healed!

It was through this healer and her incredible intuitive “energy” work that I began to understand my own abilities. I always had an “un-named ability” known as being an Empathic. I could never find anyone to explain how I could sense other peoples emotions and fears just walking down the street.

It was from that point forward that I realized “the knowing” I could never articulate was real and that emotions and core beliefs were the primary cause of most of the “dis-eases in our bodies.”

Through my own first hand experience of study the human body to stay healthy and searching for a healing modality I could use to help others learn to help heal themselves, I was led to the modality of Theta Healing® Technique developed by Vianna Stibal.

In the past 7 years of studying and practicing this technique, I have been taught the tools to uncover many emotional, physical and spiritually based causes for peoples’ (myself included) dis-eases in their bodies. 5 years ago I was able to heal my own stage one kidney disease.

It is my goal to completely clear this “condition” of diabetes.

Every session with a client teaches me more and has resulted in a positive shift in their lives.This healing modality works extremely well with animals too! As of September 21, 2012 I finished my studies to complete my Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing® at The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge. My students and clients have been my inspiration to achieve this goal! May we all benefit from the knowledge I receive to share with each of you!

Go to my contact page and fill in the information and let me know what area of your life you would like to change or if you would like to have me come teach any of the above listed classes in your area!

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